Social science with a focus on large marine protected areas and management effectiveness. Active campaigner, event & conference public speaker, scuba diving trainer (PADI OWSI).

My involvement in marine conservation is a passion.

On an academic level, I am an early career social scientist focusing on large-scale marine protected areas and their management efficiency frameworks. I wrote my University of Edinburgh MSc dissertation in 2015 on the Pitcairn marine reserve, on which I applied a custom efficiency framework, elaborated from IUCN guidelines. I worked with Pew and the Big Ocean Network of MPA managers. My first co-authored publication will be ready in the Autumn 2017.

The Pitcairn Marine Reserve
The Pitcairn Dataset
Jon Day and the IUCN guidelines

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On a professional level, I am a scientific scuba diver, underwater photographer and videographer. I am a member of the World Commission on Protected Areas and its Young Professionals Marine Task Force. In 2015, I supervised the creation of an infographic in the context of COP21, focused around the links between ocean and climate and presenting marine protected areas as solutions.


Later that year, we united together in Hawai’i at the IUCN World Conservation Congress and gave awards to the young conservationists following the Young Professionals Marine Challenge.

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Since 2016, I am also a member of the Global Ocean Trust, a think-tank working on finance solutions to protect the ocean.

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On a personal level, I have hundreds of connections to marine conservationists worldwide, a wide community of friends, divers and ocean lovers. My network initially started in Australia where I worked on the Great Barrier Reef in 2012 and in Geneva where a lot of marine conservation organisations are based. I have regular contacts with the conservation community in: Fiji, the Maldives, Hawai’i, Brasil, Chile, France, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Philippines, and Switzerland. We are mostly on Twitter using the #OceanOptimism hashtag!

With Angelo Villagomez of Pew Trusts at IUCN World Congress
The IUCN WCPA Young Professionals Marine Task Force
Diving in Hawai’i with Pierre-Yves Cousteau and Hawai’i Eco Divers
The 2016 University of Edinburgh MSc Marine Systems and Policies year in the Maldives